The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is a large open international community of network designers, operators, vendors, and researchers concerned with the evolution of the Internet architecture and the smooth operation of the Internet.
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NFSv4 Working Group 2700 12464
by Chuck Lever-5
66254 66281
by Internet-Drafts Admi...
general discussion of application-layer protocols 2785 15874
by Matthew Kerwin
Common Authentication Technologies - Next Generation 779 4988
by Jeffrey Altman-2
This is the mailing list for the Transport Layer Security working group of the IETF. 2348 20438
by Eric Rescorla-3
IP Version 6 Working Group (ipv6) 2811 19111
by Joe Touch
Transport and Services Area (TSV) Mailing List.

The transport and services area covers a range of technical topics related to data transport in the Internet.
The major current topics are protocols (TCP, UDP, SCTP, DCCP), congestion control, multicast and forward-error-correction transports, QoS and reservation signaling, performance metrics, NAT regularization, NFS, and Internet storage.
The transport area intersects most frequently with Internet area, the applications area, the RAI area, the security area and several IRTF research groups.
343 1208
by Joe Touch
IETF-Discussion 7536 60361
by Joe Touch
Multi-Protocol Label Switching WG 4709 14762
by Ryoo, Jeong-dong
TCP Maintenance and Minor Extensions Working Group 1660 8532
by Sanjeev Ranot
957 3778
by Sujay Gupta-2
Multiparty Multimedia Session Control Working Group 3177 12854
by Eric Rescorla-3
IETF Internet Area Mailing List 774 4178
by Eliot Lear
Path Computation Element 1525 3650
by weiw
13783 13937
by rfc-editor
Mobile Ad-hoc Networks 3136 11095
by Jiazi Yi-2
1883 8552
by Randall Gellens-5
Inter-Domain Routing 1968 9107
by Keyur
The RFC (Request for Comments) series contains technical and organizational documents about the Internet, including the technical specifications and policy documents produced by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

The RFC Editor is funded by the Internet Society to edit and publish RFCs online. The RFC Editor maintains the master repository of RFCs as well as RFC meta-data, which can be searched online. The search results include the meta-data, links to the RFC text itself, and links to any errata.
Sub-Forums: RFC Interest
970 9166
by Brian E Carpenter-2
931 3037
by Dean Bogdanovic-2
Audio/Video Transport Working Group 3537 10943
by Paul E. Jones
IRTF-Announce 187 188
by rfc-editor
Benchmarking Methodology Working Group 975 2348
by Marius Georgescu
IP Security 2063 8781
by Tero Kivinen
1413 4661
by Sudhin Jacob
Pseudo Wires Edge to Edge 2115 7195
by Yuji KAMITE
IETF IS-IS working group 896 3105
by Naiming Shen (naimin...
Protocol Independent Multicast 939 2657
by Stig Venaas-3
2509 11680
by Ted Lemon
Transport Area Working Group 2387 8679
by The IESG-3
softwires wg discussion list 1251 6357
by mohamed.boucadair-2
Secure Interdomain Routing 1800 7882
by Sean Turner-2
IETF IP Performance Metrics Working Group 1327 3053
by nalini.elkins
Protocol for carrying Authentication for Network Access 358 1221
by yoshihiro.ohba
Routing Area General mailing list 288 956
by Alia Atlas
This is the official IETF Mailing List for the HIP Working Group. 874 2628
by Spencer Dawkins at I...
mailing list of BEHAVE IETF WG 1854 9751
by rfc-editor
IETF Tools Discussion 1043 4192
by Michael Richardson-1...
RTG Area: Bidirectional Forwarding Detection DT 726 2991
by Nitish Gupta (nitisg...
Signaling Transport 729 3331
by Abhishek Bhatt
discussion of new namespace identifiers for URNs 155 528
by Dale R. Worley
Reliable Multicast Transport 437 774
by Jaime Lloret Mauri
IMA (Internationalized eMail Address) 1048 5368
by John C Klensin
SIPPING Working Group (applications of SIP) 1853 7843
by rfc-editor
Geographic Location/Privacy 1688 8208
by Alissa Cooper-2
open discussion forum for long/wide-range architectural issues 85 1164
by John Day-2
Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol 180 546
by rfc-editor
Layer Two Tunneling Protocol Extensions 201 443
by Carlos Pignataro (cp...
Discussion list for header fields used in Internet messaging applications. 36 164
by Julien ÉLIE-2
Media Gateway Control 765 2245
by Schwarz, Albrecht (N...
Datagram Congestion Control Protocol 525 1662
by anonymous
LDAP Extension Working Group 128 871
by Sean Leonard-4
Proposed URI Schemes 203 1207
by Roy T. Fielding
Security Issues in Network Event Logging 519 2038
by Juergen Schoenwaelde...
PPP Extensions 94 457
by James Carlson-2
Robust Header Compression 643 1673
by rfc-editor
SIP for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extensions 1179 4209
by Peterson, Jon
SNMP Agent Extensibility 56 91
by Randy Presuhn
Language Tag Registry Update working group discussion list 1112 9500
by Randy Presuhn
Distributed Management 103 200
by Randy Presuhn
Enhancements to Internet email to support diverse service enivronments 744 3324
by rfc-editor
Mobility for IPv4 1161 2256
by The IESG-3
Reliable Server Pooling 181 274
by Thomas Dreibholz-2
Anti-Spam Research Group - IRTF 327 4080
by kucingjoget
IP Telephony 132 344
by rfc-editor
IP Storage 286 929
by lokesharora
233 831
by rfc-editor
35 74
by 🔓Dan Wing
Speech Services Control Working Group 287 656
by Eric Burger-4
IPR-WG 456 3127
by todd
Centralized Conferencing 393 1031
by rfc-editor
IP over Cable Data Network 107 169
by Alice Russo
Mailing list for the ISMS working group 568 2804
by rfc-editor
656 2198
by SenSys Publicity
Discussion list for the Media Control activity. Media Control defines a client-server protocol for media servers (MRF in 3GPP parlance) to offer media services to clients, such as application servers (AS in 3GPP parlance). 571 1780
by rfc-editor
Ethernet Interfaces an Hub MIB WG 164 318
by Romascanu, Dan (Dan)
Layer 1 Virtual Private Networks 159 304
by Adrian Farrel(IETF C...
IETF Remote Direct Data Placement (rddp) WG 93 187
by liuhuan123
Discussion of FEC Framework 419 1024
by The IESG-3
Next Steps in Signaling 868 3313
by IETF Secretariat-2
IP over InfiniBand WG Discussion List 21 48
by nyotnyot1
Mobile IPv6 specifies routing support which permits an IPv6 host to continue using its home address as it moves around the Internet, enabling continuity of sessions. Mobile IPv6 supports transparency above the IP layer, including maintenance of active transport level sessions. In addition, NEMO network mobility mechanisms built on top of Mobile IPv6 allow managing the mobility of an entire network, as it changes its point of attachment to the Internet. The base specifications consist of:
 * RFC 3775
 * RFC 3963
 * RFC 4877

The MEXT Working Group continues the work of the MIP6, NEMO, and MONAMI6 Working Groups.

The primary goal of MEXT will be to (A) enhance base IPv6 mobility by continuing work on developments that are required for wide-scale deployments and specific deployment scenarios.  Additionally, (B) the working group will ensure that any issues identified by implementation and interoperability experience are addressed, and that the base specifications are maintained. (C) The group will also produce informational documentation, such as design rationale documents or description of specific issues within the protocol.
907 5019
by ravi@jntucea
NEMO Working Group 219 1370
by Alessandra De Paola
GEN-ART: General Area Review Team 3161 7512
by Arnt Gulbrandsen
Peer-to-Peer Research Group 324 468
by Chiara Boldrini
The atom-syntax mailing list is the primary mailing list for the Atompub Working Group in the IETF. 289 2172
by Miles Fidelman
Remote Monitoring MIB Working Group 313 345
by Benoit Claise
Crypto Forum Research Group 89 335
by Paterson, Kenny
Multicast and Anycast Group Membership 190 588
by Brian Haberman-2
Discussion of issues related to directories 15 51
by Kurt Zeilenga
Internet Measurement Research Group 57 60
by Jelena Mirkovic-2
Differentiated services general discussion 19 25
by Brian E Carpenter-2
Monami6 WG 144 754
by Jorge Espi Aleman
List for implementation questions for NSIS protocols 25 59
by The Warrior
Internet and Management Support for Storage Working Group 173 294
by Black_David
Routing Protocol Security Requirements 75 512
by The IESG-3
Cross Registry Information Service Protocol 71 153
by The IESG-3
20 27
by Mushtaq Khan-4
IP Mobility Optimizations 162 370
by Marshall Eubanks
IP over Resilient Packet Rings 9 10
by Mark Townsley
68 405
by Ken Raeburn
259 545
by JP Vasseur (jvasseur...
128 970
by Andre-John Mas-4
Discussions leading to possible BOF for end-host overlay multicast standards 1 1
by sasi kala
Internet Emergency Preparedness Working Group 46 170
by The IESG-3
Working list for the WIDEX working group at IETF 40 97
by The IESG-3
Digital Identity Exchange 115 871
by tianxama
Source-Specific Multicast 6 13
by ahsanchisti
Path Maximum Transmission Unit Discovery 35 70
by The IESG-3
Policy Framework 6 6
by cyl_policy
Mailing list for possible diffserv control plane elements WG 15 49
by Paulo Mendes
by Internet-Drafts Admi...
The purpose of the TOOLS team is to provide IETF feedback and guidance during the development of software tools to support various parts of IETF activities. 0 0 Empty
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