Closing of IPoRPR WG

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Closing of IPoRPR WG

Mark Townsley

IPoRPR was created years ago, before I was co-AD of the Internet Area.
When I became AD 3+ years ago, there was one document,
draft-ietf-iporpr-basic, which the group was on track to publish.

During the last call in 2006, the document got caught up in some
concerns about the DSCP mappings for RPR being prescriptive on MPLS in
general. These probably could be addressed but will require a re-edit of
the draft and some championing. It has been two years, and that has not

I would like to formally close the WG, and remove the document from the
IESG queue. If someone wishes to move this document forward, and can
resolve the DSCP issues, re-edit the document, etc. I will be happy to
take this document to the IESG individually. Thus, the end result is
effectively the same, its just that we are no longer counting iporpr as
a WG.

If anyone here has objections to this move, please let me know ASAP as I
expect to make this a formal action at the beginning of the IETF meeting
in Dublin next week. Again, if there is sufficient interest and energy,
there is nothing stopping anyone from picking up the iporpr-basic draft
an publishing it, even on Standards Track, we are just eliminating the
current WG structure as it seems to be dormant.


- Mark

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