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FW: NomCom 2014-2015 Call for Volunteers

Adrian Farrel(IETF CCAMP WG)
Please consider volunteering for NomCom.


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> Sent: 16 May 2014 15:21
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> Subject: NomCom 2014-2015 Call for Volunteers
> The IETF nominating committee (nomcom) process for 2014-15 has begun. The
> IETF nomcom appoints folks to fill the open slots on the IAOC, the IAB,
> and the IESG (including IETF Chair).
> Ten voting members for the nomcom are selected in a verifiably random
> way from a pool of volunteers. The more volunteers, the better chance we have
> of
> choosing a random yet representative cross section of the IETF population.
> Let's break the 200 volunteer mark again this year!
> The details of the operation of the nomcom can be found in RFC 3777,
> and BCP10/RFC3797 details the selection algorithm.
> Volunteers must have attended 3 of the past 5 IETF meetings.  As specified in
> RFC 3777, that means three out of the five past meetings up to the time this
> email announcement goes out to start the solicitation of volunteers.
> The five meetings out of which you must have attended *three*
> are IETF 85(Atlanta),      \
>          86(Orlando),       \
>          87(Berlin),         *** ANY THREE!
>          88(Vancouver),     /
>          89(London)        /
> If you qualify, please volunteer.   However, much as we want this, before you
> decide to volunteer, please be sure you are willing to forgo appointment
> to any of the positions for which this nomcom is responsible.
> The list of people and posts whose terms end with the March 2015 IETF
> meeting, and thus the positions for which this nomcom is responsible, are
> To be confirmed
> IAB:
> Joel Halpern
> Russ Housley
> Eliot Lear
> Xing Li
> Andrew Sullivan
> Dave Thaler
> Pete Resnick (Applications)
> Ted Lemon (Internet)
> Joel Jaeggli (Operations and Management)
> Richard Barnes (RAI)
> Adrian Farrel* (Routing)
> Stephen Farrell (Security)
> Spencer Dawkins (Transport)
> Jari Arkko (Gen)
> (names with * have publically indicated they will not serve another term)
> The primary activity for this nomcom will begin in July 2014 and should be
> completed in January 2015.   The nomcom will have regularly scheduled
> conference calls to ensure progress. (We might dogfood WebRTC)
> There will be activities to collect requirements from the community, review
> candidate questionnaires, review feedback from community members about
> candidates, and talk to candidates.
> Thus, being a nomcom member does require some time commitment; but it is
> also
> a very rewarding experience.
> It is very important that you be able to attend IETF91 to conduct interviews.
> Being at IETF90 is useful for training.  Being at IETF92 is not essential.
> Please volunteer by sending me an email before 11:59 pm EDT (UTC -4 hours)
> June 22, 2013, as follows:
> To: [hidden email]
> Subject: Nomcom 2014-15 Volunteer
> Please include the following information in the email body:
>  <Your Full Name>
>     // First/Given Name followed by Last/Family Name
>     // matching how you enter it in the IETF Registration Form)
>  <Current Primary Affiliation>
>     // Typically what goes in the Company field
>     // in the IETF Registration Form
> [<All email addresses used to register for the past 5 IETF meetings>]
>  <Preferred email address>
>  <Telephone number>
>     // For confirmation if selected
> You should expect an email response from me within 3 business days stating
> whether or not you are qualified.  If you don't receive this response,
> please re-send your email with the tag "RESEND"" added to the subject line.
> If you are not yet sure if you would like to volunteer, please consider
> that nomcom members play a very important role in shaping the leadership
> of the IETF.  Questions by email or voice are welcome.
> Volunteering for the nomcom is a great way to contribute to the IETF!
> You can find a detailed timeline on the nomcom web site at:
>     https://datatracker.ietf.org/nomcom/2014/
> I will be publishing a more detailed target timetable, as well as details
> of the randomness seeds to be used for the RFC 3797 selection process,
> within the next couple weeks.
> Thank you!
> Michael Richardson
> [hidden email]
> [hidden email]

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