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Randy Presuhn
Hi -

Forwarded for your information and, hopefully, action.


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>From: NomCom Chair 2015 <[hidden email]>
>Sent: Sep 24, 2015 5:29 AM
>To: IETF Announcement List <[hidden email]>
>Subject: Nomcom 2015: Third and FINAL call for nominations
>This is the THIRD call for nominations for the 2015-2016 nomcom.
>The 2015-16 Nominating Committee (Nomcom) is seeking nominations from
>now until October 8, 2015. The open positions being considered by this
>year's Nomcom can be found at the end of this email and also on this
>year's Nomcom website:
>Nominations may be made by selecting the Nominate link at the top of
>the Nomcom 2015 home page, or by visiting the following URL:
>  {Note that nominations made using the web tool require an ietf.org
>   datatracker account. You can create a datatracker ietf.org account
>   if you don't have one already by visiting the following URL:
>   https://datatracker.ietf.org/accounts/create/ }
>If you are unable to use the web form, nominations may instead be made
>by email to [hidden email]. If using email, please include the word
>"Nominate" in the Subject and indicate in the email who is being
>nominated, their email address (to confirm acceptance of the
>nomination), and the position for which you are making the nomination.
>If you are nominating someone other than yourself, please tell us if
>we may tell the nominee that you were the one who made the nomination.
>If you wish to nominate someone via email for more than one position,
>please use separate emails to do so.
>Self-nomination is welcome!
>NomCom 2015-16 will follow the policy for "Open Disclosure of Willing
>Nominees" described in BCP 10/RFC 7437.  As stated in RFC 7437: "The
>list of nominees willing to be considered for positions under review
>in the current Nomcom cycle is not confidential". Willing nominees for
>each position will be listed in a publicly accessible way - anyone
>with a datatracker account may access the lists.  Additionally, the
>nomination form asks if we may share your own name with the
>nominee. In all other ways, the confidentiality requirements of BCP10
>remain in effect.  All feedback and all Nomcom deliberations will
>remain confidential and will not be disclosed.
>The list of nominees who have accepted their nomination is visible at
>this link:
>There is a field on the form you can mark in order to allow the Nomcom
>to tell the nominee that you were the one who made the
>nomination. This is a new thing this year, and it defaults to “no” -
>we won’t tell. After the nomination cycle, we will evaluate the result
>of this and recommend whether the next Nomcom should do something
>In order to ensure time to collect sufficient community feedback about
>each of the willing nominees, nominations must be received by the
>Nomcom on or before October 8, 2015.
>This is TWO WEEKS from now.
>Please submit your nominations as early as possible for the sake of
>your nominees. Note that nominations should not wait for management
>permission, as it is easier to decline the nomination than put one in
>late.  We have set the questionnaire submission deadline for October
>15, 2015.
>The Nomcom appoints individuals to fill the open slots on the IAOC,
>the IAB, and the IESG. The list of people and posts whose terms end
>with the March 2016 IETF meeting, and thus the positions for which
>this Nomcom is responsible, follows:
>* Mary Barnes
>* Joe Hildebrand
>* Ted Hardie
>* Erik Nordmark
>* Brian Trammell
>* Marc Blanchet
>- Alissa Cooper, ART
>- Barry Leiba, ART
>- Brian Haberman, Internet (*)
>- Benoit Claise, O&M
>- Alia Atlas, Routing
>- Kathleen Moriarty, Security
>- Martin Stiemerling, Transport (*)
>*- have indicated that they do not intend to accept a
>renomination. This information is always up to date on
>Please be resourceful in identifying possible candidates for these
>positions, as developing our talent is a very crucial requirement for
>the IETF, and also, please consider accepting a nomination.  You'll
>find extensive information about specific positions, developed by the
>IAB, IESG, and IAOC, under individual tabs at:
>  https://datatracker.ietf.org/nomcom/2015/requirements/
>The following people have been nominated and have accepted their
>nomination at this time:
>Barry Leiba
>Alissa Cooper
>Management AD:
>Benoit Claise
>Routing AD:
>Alia Atlas
>Russ White
>Acee Lindem
>Jeff Tantsura
>Security AD:
>Eric Rescorla
>Leif Johansson
>Yoav Nir
>Kathleen Moriarty
>Transport AD:
>Mirja Kuehlewind
>Internet AD:
>==========> NONE <============
>Dan Romascanu
>Brian Trammell
>Ted Hardie
>Martin Thomson
>Lee Howard
>Joe Hildebrand
>Roni Even
>Susan Hares
>Stewart Bryant
>In addition to nominations, the Nomcom seeks community input on the
>positions themselves.  We need and welcome the community's views and
>input on the jobs within each organization. If you have ideas on the
>positions' responsibilities (more, less, different), please let us
>Please send suggestions and feedback about this to [hidden email].
>Thank you for your help in identifying qualified nominees!
>Harald Alvestrand
>Nomcom Chair 2015-16
>[hidden email], [hidden email]