IMS with 802.21 and MPA

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IMS with 802.21 and MPA


I'm studying some aspects handover over heterogeneous networks, in  
particularly 802.21 and IMS "working" together. Like 802.21 can work  
as an application server connected to the S-CSCF, a MPA server can be  
attached to S-CSCF?
Or that must be "attached" to P-CSCF, the nearest point of access  
networks? (Or any of the previous solutions?)

Another question is about MIH-MPA on a dual mode terminal. The MPA  
only communicates with MIH or "links" too a higher layer (like IP)  
transport unit?

All help or support will be very helpful.

Carlos Rodrigues (Computer Science BSc student)
Leiria, Portugal

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