Loving KramDown to write drafts and RFCs

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Loving KramDown to write drafts and RFCs

Andrew G. Malis-3
I’ve iterated through a number of tool chains to write drafts and RFCs.

Back in the day, I wrote raw nroff, and then I moved to nroffedit, which was a great tool for its time.

Then nroff lost its mojo and I used the Word template, and still occasionally have co-authors that like it.

But for myself, I moved to raw xml for a while. Back to programming my drafts! :-)

Now, I’m using KramDown and loving it. For those of you that haven’t yet given it a try, you should. See https://xml2rfc.tools.ietf.org/experimental.html for the web interface and pointers to more info. 

Also, thanks to Dan York, see https://github.com/danyork/writing-internet-drafts-in-markdown for a tutorial and an example draft template.


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