Need help - volunteer for Routing Area Directorate Coordinator

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Need help - volunteer for Routing Area Directorate Coordinator




As most of you are aware, Jon Hardwick is stepping down after many years as RTG Dir Coordinator. Amy Min will still continue. But we need someone else to help so she can take vacations😊


The position involves using the dir tool for document review assignments, following up with dir reviewers to ensure acceptance/completion of a review. It is difficult to estimate the time load as some weeks may be no assignments, other weeks say 5 assignments. But the load is shared with Amy. And help at the rtg area open meeting for taking notes.


The benefits are the person does get exposure to documents across the rtg area, familiar with dir members (cross working groups), more involvement in the rtg area, and of course, great appreciation by the RTG ADs.


Chairs, if you think someone in your working groups may be interested, please forward.





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