Next steps discussing Routing Challenges of Semantic Addressing

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Next steps discussing Routing Challenges of Semantic Addressing

Adrian Farrel(IETF CCAMP WG)
Dear all,

Back in March we posted an initial draft to open the discussion of research
related to routing based on additional meaning assigned to IP addresses, and
to routing based on fields other than the destination address field of an IP
packet. That draft attracted some comments, and one thing was clear: we
needed to split the draft into a survey of work that has happened / is
happening, and a discussion of the challenges to routing together with the
research question.

So we have done this now (sorry it took so long) and have posted: 

These new drafts do not pick up all of the comments received (we focused on
the split), but we hope to address the comments in new revisions soon.

At the same time, we have set up a dedicated mailing list for discussion of
"Semantic Addressing Routing and Hardware" (SARAH) at [hidden email].
This is an academic, research-based community where we can discuss all
aspects of the drafts, introduce our research to each other, and advertise
related conference activity. You can subscribe at

We hope the new list will help to focus discussion and avoid spamming
existing mailing lists.

Looking forward to hearing your opinions.

Adrian and Dan

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