[Pals] New Liaison Statement, "LS on OTNT Standardization Work Plan Issue 29"

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[Pals] New Liaison Statement, "LS on OTNT Standardization Work Plan Issue 29"

Liaison Statement Management Tool-2
Title: LS on OTNT Standardization Work Plan Issue 29
Submission Date: 2021-05-07
URL of the IETF Web page: https://datatracker.ietf.org/liaison/1738/
Please reply by 2021-11-01
From: Hiroshi Ota <[hidden email]>
To: Daniele Ceccarelli <[hidden email]>,Fatai Zhang <[hidden email]>,Andy Malis <[hidden email]>,Stewart Bryant <[hidden email]>,Vishnu Beeram <[hidden email]>,Lou Berger <[hidden email]>,Julien Meuric <[hidden email]>,Dhruv Dhody <[hidden email]>,Loa Andersson <[hidden email]>,Nicolai Leymann <[hidden email]>,Tarek Saad <[hidden email]>
Cc: Fatai Zhang <[hidden email]>,Path Computation Element Discussion List <[hidden email]>,Julien Meuric <[hidden email]>,Tarek Saad <[hidden email]>,Common Control and Measurement Plane Discussion List <[hidden email]>,Pseudowire And LDP-enabled Services Discussion List <[hidden email]>,Stewart Bryant <[hidden email]>,John Drake <[hidden email]>,Lou Berger <[hidden email]>,Andy Malis <[hidden email]>,Traffic Engineering Architecture and Signaling Discussion List <[hidden email]>,Martin Vigoureux <[hidden email]>,John Scudder <[hidden email]>,Daniele Ceccarelli <[hidden email]>,Dhruv Dhody <[hidden email]>,Vishnu Beeram <[hidden email]>,Loa Andersson <[hidden email]>,Scott Mansfield <[hidden email]>,[hidden email] <[hidden email]>,Multiprotocol Label Switching Discussion List <[hidden email]>,Nicolai Leymann <[hidden email]>,Alvaro Retana <[hidden email]>
Response Contacts: [hidden email]
Technical Contacts:
Purpose: For action

Body: Attached is Issue 29 of the OTNT SWP, the latest version updated by the SG15 during a plenary meeting in April 2021.

We would appreciate updates to the material relevant to your SDO.

Attachment: Optical Transport Networks & Technologies Standardization Work Plan Issue 29, April 2021 (TD693/P)




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