[Pals] Request for review : L2VPN service model

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[Pals] Request for review : L2VPN service model

Adrian Farrel(IETF CCAMP WG)

Just a heads up that the L2VPN service model
(https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-ietf-l2sm-l2vpn-service-model/) is
getting close to WG last call (probably just one revision and a YANG review
first) and would really benefit from review.

Recall that this model is not a device model and is not about how a VPN is
implemented or realized in a network, but is about how the VPN service is
discussed between a service provider and their customer.

In view of this, review from three perspectives would be particularly useful:
- customers (e.g., enterprises) to let us know that the description of the
   service is how you would request a service
- service providers to let us know if the model fits with how you describe
   the services you sell
- implementers of management systems to understand that whether they
   could map from the service description to the network configuration that
   is needed to operate the VPN.

Of course, all other reviews are also welcome.

Please send comments to the L2SM list (not this list!).

Adrian (L2SM co-chair)

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