RTG-AREA Agenda for IETF-65

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RTG-AREA Agenda for IETF-65

Alex Zinin
Our slot:

> MONDAY, March 20, 2006
> 1740-1840 Afternoon Session III
> 1850-1950 Afternoon Session IV
> Coronado A    RTG   rtgarea   Routing Area Open Meeting

Current agenda:

 Welcome / Agenda Bashing                                        [5m]
 Area Status                                                     [5m]
 WG Status                                                       [15m]

 RFC 1264 update                                                 [30m]
   RM: draft-fenner-zinin-rtg-standard-reqts-01.txt

 Loop-free convergence: wider applicability
   RM: draft-bryant-shand-lf-applicability-01.txt                [30m]

 Open Mic                                                        [30m]

I have one more request (from Adrian), I'm following up on.
If you have anything else to discuss--e-mail please.


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