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🔓Dan Wing
PCP deals with an incoming connection (with its MAP opcode) and with timeouts of a connection (with its PEER opcode).  As they are, those don't seem to help much a subscriber choosing some network services function for their traffic.  MAP does have a FILTER option, which provides some filtering (ACL) capabilities, but I expect i2nsf is looking at more advanced functionality than that?


On 09-Feb-2015 11:38 AM, Linda Dunbar <[hidden email]> wrote:



(CC’ed PCP group and MIDCOM group for wider review. )


After studying RFCs/Charter of MIDCOM and PCP, it seems to me that PCP is a lot more closely tied with MIDCOM than I2NSF.

The PCP working group is chartered to standardize a client/server Port
Control Protocol (PCP) to enable an explicit dialog with a middlebox
such as a NAT or a firewall to open up and/or forward TCP or UDP port,
regardless of the location of that middlebox”



MIDCOM “focuses its attention on communication with firewalls and network address translators (including translation between IPv6 and IPv4).”


I  noticed that the detailed protocols developed by MIDCOM is quite different from PCP. For example, the MDCOM protocol is tied closely with the SIP agent (SIP/RTSP Proxy) to send “INVITE”, respond to “180Ringing” or “Port-BIND” reply to Middle Boxes. The MIDCOM protocol is very much SIP protocol oriented, whereas the PCP is more FW/NAT device oriented.



I2NSF will focus on management of many instances of security functions (virtual security functions), i.e. the use case described by


Among the 3 actions listed in the Use Case draft, I can see that  #2 below can utilize some of the mechanisms developed by PCP and MIDCOM.



   1.  Customer enrollment and cancellation of the subscription to a

      vNSF. (


   2.  Configuration of the vNSF, based on specific configurations or

      derived from common security policies defined by the operator.


   3.  Retrieve and list of the vNSF functionalities, extracted from a

      manifest or a descriptor.  The network operator management systems

      can demand this information to offer detailed information through

      the commercial channels to the customer.



What messages & protocols by MIDCOM & PCP do you see that can be used for I2NSF purpose?





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