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Registration open for IETF 111

IETF Executive Director
IETF 111
July 26-30, 2021
Hosted by: Juniper

I am pleased to announce that registration is now open for the IETF 111 meeting and the IETF 111 Hackathon: 

As previously announced [1], IETF 111 will be a fully online meeting over 5 days with an agenda structure similar to that of an in-person meeting.  This will be preceded in the week before by the IETF 111 Hackathon [2].

Your registration options are:

        A. Early-Bird Registration:   USD 230    (if paid in full before 23:59 UTC 2021-06-07)
        B. Standard Registration:   USD 280    (if paid in full before 23:59 UTC 2021-07-12)
        C. Late Registration:   USD 330   (if paid after 23:59 UTC 2021-07-12)
        D. Full-time Student Registration:   USD 50   (with proper ID)
        E. One Day Pass Registration:   USD 125
        F. Hackathon only:   No Fee
        G. Fee Waiver Option:   No Fee

Payment is required at time of registration or you have the option to forward your registration record to someone who can complete payment on your behalf.  Please note that you are not considered registered until payment is received.  If you initiate but do not complete the registration process, you will need to start again.  

When you register you will be able to choose if you want to receive a free IETF 111 t-shirt delivered to you at no additional expense, thanks to Juniper. Limited quantities are available, on a first-come-first-served basis.

If you register and find that you can no longer attend the meeting, you can request a refund.  The cutoff for all registration refunds is UTC 23:59 2021-07-19. Refunds are subject to a 10% processing fee.

All participants will need a Datatracker account in order to join the meeting.  If you do not already have an account then you can create one now [3] or one will be created for you during registration and you will receive a password setup link by email.  You will also be able to add an email address to your existing Datatracker account if you wish to use a separate email address for registration.

We understand that not everyone can afford the IETF 111 registration fee for a variety of reasons, including issues with income, employment status and employer support, and we do not want any of these to be a barrier to participation.  If you cannot afford the registration fee then please take the fee waiver option to ensure that you can participate.  We make an unlimited number of fee waivers available and we do not ask you to explain why you are taking the fee waiver option or make any check on eligibility as we operate on a trust basis.  To take the fee waiver option please fill out this form and you will receive a code to use in the registration system:

Also, please note that the registration system allows you to make a donation to support the IETF and we welcome your contributions.

Information and assistance with registration can be accessed by email to [hidden email].

Full details on IETF 111 are available on our website [4].


Jay Daley
IETF Executive Director
[hidden email]