Request for provisional registration: itms-apps (Apple App Store)

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Request for provisional registration: itms-apps (Apple App Store)

Erik Wilde
hello. is how apple's
iTunes music/media store has been registered as a provisional URI
scheme. this is a registration request for the corresponding itms-apps
scheme, which identifies resources in apple's app store. it seems that
in practice, itms-apps URIs are increasingly replaced by HTTP(S) URIs
with the prefix http(s):// (and variations of this
prefix, including the domain, but itms-apps
continues to work and is still used for identifying app store resources.

here is the registration template:


Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) Scheme name: itms-apps
Status: provisional

Scheme syntax:

Scheme semantics:
    Used for connecting to the Apple App Store

Encoding considerations:
    Unknown, use with care.

Applications/protocols that use this scheme name:

Interoperability considerations:
    Unknown, use with care (limited client-side support).
    May be unsuitable for open use on the public internet.
Security considerations:
    Unknown, use with care.
    Registering party: Erik Wilde <[hidden email]>
    Scheme creator: Apple
Author/Change controller:
    Either the registering party or someone who is verified to represent
the scheme creator. See previous answer.


thanks and kind regards,

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