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Review request for scheme DIS

This a review request for a provisional registration of the URI scheme
name DIS. You will find the draft registration form below.

DIS is the acronym of Distributed Information System. This system is in
design process and only partially implemented. It will use the protocol
DITP (Distributed Information Transfer Protocol). As recommended I
should use dis as scheme name instead of the protocol name ditp. Is that
right ?

I don't find the "Security consideration" very informative. What is it
suppose to apply to ? The URI interpretation, the protocol, ...?


Scheme name: dis

Status: Provisional

Scheme syntax: dis:<path>
     A DIS URI has no authority, query or fragment part.
     The path segments uses exclusively the characters
     '-', '_', '~, '.', '0' to '9', 'A' to 'Z' and 'a' to 'z'.
     The path may be absolute or root less.
     The total length of a dis URI, including the scheme
     name, is limited to 66 characters.
     URI examples: "dis:", "dis:/", "dis:~", "dis:/-OvsR8/345"

Encoding considerations:
     Not all combinations of the valid chars form a valid

Applications/protocols that use this scheme name:
    The URI is a reference to an information stored in the
    Distributed Information System (DIS). The URI is
    intended to be used with Web applications.

Security consideration:
    Unknown, use with care.

Contact: Christophe Meessen <uri-review [at]>

Change controller: same as contact



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