WG Action: Conclusion of Path MTU Discovery WG (pmtud)

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WG Action: Conclusion of Path MTU Discovery WG (pmtud)

The Path MTU Discovery WG (pmtud) in the Transport Area has concluded.

The IESG contact persons are Magnus Westerlund and Lars Eggert.

The mailing list will be closed.


The PMTUD WG was chartered to work on two documents:

(1) a standards-track document that describes a robust method for
determining the IP Maximum Transmission Unit supported over
an end-to-end path, which does not rely on ICMP or other
messages from the network

(2) a related PMTUD MIB

The first document has recently been published as RFC4821. There was
little interest in the community to start work on the second document.
The PMTUD WG therefore closes.

Thanks to all participants, especially the WG chairs and document


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